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Sankalp Manav Vikas Sansthan was established in 1992 in Parbhani region for lending voice and support to the oppressed Dalit women and children. The organization is offshoot of Rural Development centers activities to be broadening in other Marathwada region under campaign for human rights. Now SMVS is spreading its campaign in Parbhani, Aurangabad, Jalna, Hingoli districts in Marathwada Region. The organization, since its inception, has taken up the cause of marginalized communities particularly migration, exploitation by sugar cooperatives, gender atrocities, child education and child labor. Mr. Sudhakar Kshirsagar the project holder of SMVS is well aware of socio-economic situations in Marathwada Region and in Parbhani district. He has not only strengthened the organization but also strategized regional networks in their work at grass root level. SMVS operates in 60 villages of Pathri, Manvat and Selu talukas of Parbhani District and 10 villages of Udgir taluka in Latur District. CRY supported intervention area is spread across 40 villages.


The project area is known for abject poverty, poor development where toil and struggle describe the daily lives of the marginalized people. The overall literacy rate is lesser than the State average. Lack of livelihood options lead families to migrate in nearby sugarcane factories. The worst affected are the landless families and families with marginal land holding. There is high incidence of child marriage and women are prone to sexual abuse. The villages do not have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food due to which malnutrition impacts the Right to Survival of children. Major causes of early death among children are premature birth, respiratory infections, malnutrition, diarrhoea, fever and measles which can be prevented at early stages. Premature births, low birth weight babies and infantile malnourishment are in turn, indicators of the poor health and nutrition status of mothers. Access to elementary education is the main issue in Marathwada region. The villages have schools only upto IV standard without any basic infrastructure.


  • To create awareness and educate community on Child Rights.
  • Campaign for Right to Education and Right to Work with special focus on capacitating community to take forward CSS campaign.
  • Monitoring ICDS program and motivating people to demand new centers in their hamlets. Campaign on activating and retaining activation of sub centers/ PHC’s and demands new Sub centers.
  • To assist the oppressed community to improve their conditions –socially, educationally, economically and in health.

Review and Impact

Sankalp Manav Vikas Sansthan (SMVS) has played a critical role in establishing child rights across Parbhani and Latur district. Sankalp team has strong associations with the CBO groups, mainly consisting of Mahila Mandals in the operational area. The team has a focus on malnourished children .With the help of the concerned authorities request was put forth to initiate the process of Bal Vikas Kendra for the identified malnourished children and they were given 10 days treatment with proper supplementary food and proper care.

Some of the major program highlights are:

  • 1540 Birth Certificates provided across 40 villages with the support of village level Karyakarta and Gram Sevak.
  • 159 Birth identified and all of the registered due to regular village level follow up meeting conducted with Mahila Mandals, Parents group, Yuvak’s group and children’s group across 40 villages.
  • 12 ICDS centres are running in all 40 villages of direct intervention area due to regular follow up and awareness meetings conducted by village level CBS.
  • No Child marriage took place in the direct intervention area of SANKALP.

  • The Mahila Mandals formation is done in 40 villages with constant follow-up and conducting awareness on various issues and taking up these issues in gram Sabha.
  • Total Malnourished children identified: 267 ( M-129+F138) .
  • Total malnourished children brought in to normal category: 176 .
  • Total malnourished children : 91 ( in process).
  • 8 PDS shops were activated/reached.
  • 695 families and 711 children (M335+ F376) were stopped from migration.
  • Total 64 Children were retained in school ( M 26+ F-38) this year.
  • Karykarta concentrated on 12 Bal gats from 12 villages to strengthen them.
  • 306 women participated in Gram Sabha and raised various question related to children, health, education, women’s issue, PDS, etc.


  • Ensure 100% enrollment and retention of children and re-enrolling drop out children
  • Campaign on demanding hungami shala for children of migrating families, advocacy on hungami shala implementation
  • Campaign on creating awareness on sanitation and hygiene, utilization of toilets
  • Ensure 100 % immunization and health check-ups of children and pregnant women
  • Ensure adequate and quality services from the ICDS centres,
  • Strengthening women’s and adolescent girls groups and engaging them to monitor health, nutrition and pre-school education for children
  • Building children’s collectives and adolescent girls group and encouraging child participation
  • Campaign against child abuse/exploitation/violence, migration


  • Right to Development
  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation
  • Administration
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