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Darjeeling, Malda and South 24 Parganas districts and 3 wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, West Bengal
Thematic Intervention: Protection

Project Context

SANLAAP was formally registered under societies registration act in the year of 1989. Now SANLAAP is known internationally for its work related to changing situations of many children and young women who were trafficked within their own country and beyond borders for commercial sexual abuse and violence. Initially its main focus was to work for girl children and women exploited by sex trafficking industry. Later on SANLAAP decided to involve in advocacy initiatives. Child protection is the prominent aim of SANLAAP. It has four core areas of work and accordingly designed its programme under four different issues:

  • Prevention of trafficking as a whole and commercial sexual exploitation of women and children.
  • Prevention of second generation prostitution and facilitating services for women in need and capacity building of developing CBOs to work towards child protection and welfare of children and women returned from violence of trafficking.
  • Reintegration and mainstreaming of survivors.
  • Advocacy on issues related to rights of the child.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure full retention in schools.
Functional youth groups who can act as vigilant group for identifying vulnerable children in the community – towards creating a safer environment.

* The organization is providing special coaching support to 45 vulnerable children from 3 red light area (RLAs) to ensure their retention & completion of school final examination.
* Grooming of 45 youth for building their life skills & leadership skills and involvement in sports for change.
* Ensured 69 children are continuing their education from the 3 red light areas. In addition 15 children appeared for their Madhyamik and Uchha Madhyamik out of which 12 have cleared their board exams.
* 39 youth have been brought under the ambit of life skills education. The adolescent hub in ward no. 26 was the venue for the children in Sova bazaar for the Life Skills & Leadership sessions.
* 20 children from Bow bazaar and 28 children from Khidirpur are participating in the Sports for change programme.
* 10 children collectives and NGO’s have been identified and engaged with for the consultative workshops. The Consultations would be undertaken subsequently.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Developing a Learning platform for CRY partners working on Trafficking

* Organized online meetings with CRY partners to identify the need areas duly facilitated by Sanlaap.
* Disseminated the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Tool kit and sought inputs from the partners working in the area of Rehabilitation and Reintegration. The feedback has been received and under review.

To ensure dissemination of the “Rehabilitation and Reintegration Toolkit” through awareness and building opinion with 10 organizations working on trafficking or manages children collectives.

* Since August 2017, 2 hours session is undertaken once every month with the youth apart from the regular sessions of life skills. It is focusing on the mental health aspects of the youth and leadership skills building more focusing on girl children.
* Rehabilitation and Reintegration tool kit developed with the help of family for every child. Total 15 organizations have been approached; it would be undertaken with minimum 10 children collective staff and children before it is finalized.
* One consultation organized involving government & non-government agencies for placing the issues for ushering in changes.
* Economic reintegration support programme has been organized for 7 trafficking survivors in South 24 Pargana district.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

There were 18 trafficking survivors rescued. For 16 among them, cases under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) were lodged by Police. The training programs with police are being emphasized by Sanlaap for lodging cases under POCSO also.

Update on major events /campaigns that may have taken place on ground:

  • Sports for change have been organized: 105 children belonging to Sonagachi, Khidirpur, Bowbazar and Ward no. 26 participated in the events.
  • Need for a more structured engagement with youth and adolescents was felt in the community engagement process, to address development aspirations. Thus, youth grooming process is being undertaken with 15-20 members in each area where on a regular basis weekly sessions have been initiated. It is keeping a focus of inclusion of greater number of girls for strengthening them.

Any other observation about the project:

The West Bengal state has strategic focus on addressing the issue of trafficking within child protection realm, advocate in the areas of policy changes for addressing the issue meaningfully. Sanlaap’s experience will contribute in the areas such as - rehabilitation and reintegration through workable models to be advocated for replication; developing preventive models in the urban spaces of 3 red light areas through convergence with the police, juvenile justice system (JJS) and ICPS structure. Taking into consideration CRY’s goal on protection, the intervention is contributing towards addressing the issues of missing children, trafficked children while touching upon child marriages and child sexual abuse at the state level through creating visibility of the incident of cases and also feeding into the Advocacy for better implementation of the juvenile justice system and the ICPS at the state level.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure full retention in schools.

Functional youth groups who can act as vigilant group for identifying vulnerable children in the community – towards creating a safer environment.

* Formation and strengthening of youth group through regular Group discussions
* Providing special coaching support to 45 vulnerable children from 3 RLAs (red light areas) to ensure their retention & completion of School Final examination.
* Develop 30 Youth as young leaders for addressing Child Protection violations through intergenerational dialogues.
* Developing linkages with WLCPC, Police & other service providers through regular interactive meetings.

Change in Children’s perception about Police from fear to protectors developed through greater interaction and participation.

* Organizing interactive sessions between the police & children of Khiddirpur RLA within the Child Friendly Corner of Waltgunj Police Station (PS).
* Organized events in partnership with Police to involve children & related adults under Football Match, Drawing, Outing or similar activities.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Interfaces on “Rehabilitation and Reintegration” through Awareness and Building opinion with organizations working on Trafficking or managing CCI's

* Consultative Workshops with care givers from CCIs in Manipur for dealing with trafficked victims and working on their rehabilitation and reintegration through the “Rehabilitation and Reintegration Toolkit”.
* Facilitate the process of inter-state convergence between the 2 Commissions for Protection of Child Rights (CPC’s) of West Bengal & Manipur for expediting the rescue and restoration of trafficked victims passing through Bengal to Manipur.
* Capacity Building of community based organizations on legal literacy to enable them address the cases effectively with different stakeholders.

Developing a Learning platform for CRY partners working on Trafficking

* Interaction with partner organizations of CRY (project implementing partners and alliance in Manipur) working on trafficking issues.
* Dissemination of the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Tool Kit and other related training modules and handling of trafficked victims while seeking inputs from the partners working in the area of rehabilitation and reintegration.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

Budget Breakup 2018







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