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School for Potential Advancement and Restoration of Confidence (SPARC) is a non-profit organization with its head office at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In its existence for more than a decade, SPARC has been able to contribute to the cause of disability in the rural, as well as urban areas. Its vision is to empower the marginalized, particularly the disabled. Mr. Amitabh Mehrotra, himself a cerebral palsied person, founded SPARC to start Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programs for the disabled in the urban slums of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. The thrust of the program was on health and medical rehabilitation, formation of self-help groups (SHGs) of disabled/their families and to establish linkages with government schemes. SPARC-India works in the urban slum areas of Khadra and Bansmandi in Lucknow and the Deva block in Barabanki for the betterment of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and Children with Disabilities (CWD). The program thrust areas are CBR of PWDs. It also strives for the economic independence of the PWDs through formation of placement cell (known by the name of PLACED) and through SHG formation. On the other hand it lays stress on integrated learning, inclusive education and mainstreaming of Children with Disabilities (CWDs).


PWD’s are viewed as “patients” in need of “treatment”. There are high number of PWDs and CWDs with locomotor disability followed by mental retardation. Incidence and occurrence of cerebral palsy in the urban areas is very high in the district. Persons with locomotor disability have some source of income compared to other forms of disability. Most of the disable children are out of school. Illiteracy rates both for PWD’s and for school-age disabled children remain much higher than the general population. School attendance among school age CWD’s massively lags behind that of non-disabled children. Disability is a cause of 30% non school attendees.


  • To promote inclusive education and ensure infrastructural support for undertaking education by CWD’s.
  • To help the children/ adults having physical disability/cerebral palsy with spasticity by building up their confidence and personality.
  • To provide therapeutic care to the children by extending Occupational / Physiotherapy speech and other therapies for their physical development.
  • To demand the implementation of national and international provisions stated under different instruments.
  • To demand a policy and implementation strategy for early detection of disability and curative steps to reduce its impact.


  • Baseline survey done in the project area to understand the socio economic status of PWDs and CWDs. 189 CWDs and PWDs were identified during the survey.
  • Orienting Schools to promote inclusive education - 5 disabled children admitted to schools and 17 children are continuing their education. 5 schools were interacted.
  • Parents counselling meetings were done.
  • Inclusive education training program organized by Amitabh Mishra as the resource person.
  • Data related to number of schools with CWDs and the services that are available was collected. Based on that, advocacy was done for appointment of special educators with Boy Scout Advancement (BSA).
  • Regular meetings were held with the teachers in the community and discussions done on the needs of disabled children.
  • Ensured home based therapy for 3 severely children where the parents were ignorant.
  • 40 disability certificates were made by the parents.
  • 28 children are supported for Physio-cum-occupational and speech therapy.
  • SPARC has ensured the celebration of World Disability Week in Barabanki and Lucknow District with the objective of ensuring platform for the PWDs to share their concerns.


  • Building a conducive environment in the community and schools to promote inclusive education - 13 schools to enroll CWDs, training program for teachers on inclusive education.
  • Study of the school vis a vis Right to Education Act and provisions for disabled children in the act.
  • Health Rehabilitation to CWDs & PWDs - training program to parents, anganwadi workers, auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM). Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) for giving psychological support to CWDs.
  • 10 PWDs to be linked with government schemes for starting economic activities.
  • 10 CWDs to be linked with Niramaya Scheme.


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