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Mahbubnagar District, Telengana State, India
Thematic Intervention: Protection, Education

Project Context

Shramik Vikas Kendram (SVK) was formed in 1992 to undertake development work in Mahabubnagar district. Initially the project holder received a fellowship in 1994 from MV Foundation to work for tackling the root causes of child labor. The organization was further supported by the South Asia Poverty Alleviation Program of UNDP to carry out women development activities at Peddakothapalli Mandal. CRY first supported SVK in 1997. The support was directed towards eradicating child labor and enhancing livelihood options for the families in Peddakothapalli Mandal and Kollapur Mandal. SVK was supported by DRDA [District Rural Development Agency] and NCLP [National Child Labor Program] in its effort to eliminate child labor in the operational area. The Project Holder, Mr. Y. Laxman Rao hails from Kollapur Mandal in Mahabubnagar district. He also has experience of working on child labor issues through Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiah Foundation (MV Foundation).
The main objective of the intervention is to ensure child rights protection through Community Empowerment in 184 villages, of which 98 are direct intervention villages (78 old and 20 new) in Peddakothapally, Veepanagandla, Kodair, Panagal and Kollapur Mandals of Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure reduction of school dropouts in project area.

* Ensured 98% of 7609 children in the age group of 6-14 years are in school.
* Assisted fellowship application by needy children and 1287 children received about US $ 47,550.
* One primary school among vulnerable chenchu tribe in Narlapur, Kollapur Mandal was closed in 2014 after transfer of the only one teacher it had. This has been successfully reopened through advocacy with Integrated Tribal Development Agency. 22 children have been enrolled after appointment of new school teacher.
* 2 Upper Primary Schools (Mylaram and Mukkidigundam) has been upgraded to High School as a result of advocacy efforts by project team & community.
* 54 out of 56 board exam failed students who were assisted to re-appear in quick supplementary examination passed successfully.
* Advocacy efforts secured sanction for a new hostel building for children from backward communities in Vennecherla worth US $ 230 thousand.
* The project team counseled 173 boys and 136 girls who have passed Class 10th exams and motivated them to continue their education at the Intermediate level.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure reduction of children in child labor in the project area.

* Fresh cases of 52 child laborers and 37 school drop-outs were identified in the Mandal.
* 181 child labor and 67 drop-out families were counseled.
* 25 child labor 91 drop-outs were mainstreamed.

Reduce instances of child marriages in the project area.

* The project area has 43 cases of child marriages, including 7 girl children in the age group of 13-14 years.
* 24 Panchayats passed resolutions against child marriages, after sustained advocacy campaign by project.
* 9 child marriages were stopped with active counseling support from Panchayat member, community organization members, Teachers etc.

Strengthen Child Collectives (CC) in the project area.

* 67 child collectives (CC) are active in project operational villages, with total membership of 3,890 children.
* CC Played active role in shifting the primary school in Pedda Dagada to high school premises owing to pathetic conditions.
* Adolescent girl children groups were formed in 19 villages apart from regular CCs.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

* 11 Gram Panchayats (GPS) formed VCPCs (Village Level Child Protection Committees) out of 22 GPs sensitized.
* 40 meetings were organizing by team to capacitate VCPC members.

Update on major events /campaigns that may have taken place on ground:

* Team conducted campaigns in 67 villages across 5 Mandals on importance of girl child education. Team carried out 3 rounds of campaigns in each village as part of Badi Bata School Pandaga door to door campaign. A total of 41 Sangha / community organization meetings were held as a part of this campaign.
* A school enrolment campaign for enrolling out-of-school children was organized. A total of 67 community organizations and 150 teachers participated and contributed in enrolling dropped out children and children occupied in child labor.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

Capacity building training was conducted for project team on Child Labor (Prevention and Regulation) Act, and Prohibition of Child Marriages Act.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure 20% of the villages child labor free of the total operational villages

* Status of children and child rights violations identified and documented to develop action points for advocacy.
* Children are free from exploitation and realize their rights.
* Strengthened Government Schools with child friendly environment.
* Continuity of children’s education is ensured.
* Parents are motivated to educate their children.

Increase child marriage free villages in the operational area

* Improved consciousness of community on the harmful impact of child marriages.
* CBOs taking active part in working against child marriages.
* Enhanced care and protection for girl child from ICPS
* Conscious adolescent girls’ groups against child marriages.

Motivated and vibrant child participation in operational area.

* Organize new children collectives in villages without any children collectives.
* Strengthen existing Children collectives through regular meetings.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

Budget Breakup 2018










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