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Mayurbhanj district Odisha
Thematic Intervention: Education, Participation


Sikshasandhan was established in 1995 as a resource centre for education. It started with the conviction that education is a powerful tool in the empowerment process of tribal and other underprivileged sections of society. From the beginning, a consortium approach was used and other like-minded organizations and people such as NGOs, CBOs, educationists, educational administrators, researchers and students were involved. Sikshasandhan has built up its base by gathering valuable experience working in the most backward districts and regions of Orissa. It has developed needs-based cultural curriculum and primers for tribal children, and has established village libraries, a mobile library and a resource library. Sikshasandhan also conducts research, provides teacher training programmes and workshops and conducts advocacy and awareness raising activities through organizing debates and publishing of articles.


In the Ranipokhari project area there are 8 ICDS centre which are working. Out of 497 children among the age group of 3-6 ,only 222 children are enrolled in preschool and 86 children are enrolled in preschool run by Sikshasandhan as interim service. Altogether 17 ICDS centres are required as but only 8 centres are running and 3 new ICDS centres sanctioned last year. So as per the number of children 6 more centres are required. Mother tongue of most of the children is HO language and there is dearth of materials like instruction manual, practice book or alphabet chart in HO language. Practice book supplied by chief district protection officer (CDPO) to the centres are in Odia language hence preschool transaction has gone down. Mother and Janch Committee members have been re-formed and they do not have substantial knowledge on preschool, that’s why they fail to monitor the preschool activity and other activities of ICDS. Mother tongue based education is hampered severely and hence many children are weak in achieving the age appropriate learning competency. In 2016 Sikshasandhan initiated a monitoring process for the children of class 1-3. From field analysis it is found that only 20% of children of class-1 have age appropriate learning competencies.


  • To ensure 100% Enrolment and retention of children in schools
  • To ensure Milestone stones of the RTE Act are implemented 9 schools in the project Area.

Achievements & Impact in the Review Period

Sikshasandhan has a long term experience of the organization of working on education; organization since its inception. The organization is working on education and it has got a huge hands on experience of working on education issue in the state. Sikshasandhan has been part of drafting the MLE Policy Implementation and guidelines. They have also developed a bilingual practice book for the children on preschool education has been developed, Bilingual Chart and poster on counting and alphabet developed which is being used by the ICDS workers, Facilitating School Management Committee and Gram Panchayat level standing committee on education for lobby and pressure building at district and state level authority. Few of the achievement for the review year are as follows:

  • 100% children (497 children) of the age group 3-6 are included in SNP (Supplementary Nutrition Program)
  • There were 244 children out of preschool last year, currently it has reduced to 189 children who are still out of school. (Out 497 children under the age of 3-6 years 308 children are in pre-school education).
  • Due to Sikshasandhan’s own initiatives 3 preschool centres are running by trained interim instructors wherein 86 children are getting preschool education.
  • Out of total 313 students who passed 5th Grade, 304 (about 98%) children got enrolled in Class-6 and their retention has been ensured.
  • School Management Committee (SMC) meeting held regularly with 80% active participation of members.
  • Meeting with school management committee, standing committee members on their role, Responsibilities and RTE act provisions.
  • Sikshasandhan has already developed model primers for class-1 children.
  • 182 peers of children club are bringing each 4-5 children with them to school daily. Thus due to peers engagement more than 60% of children’s regular attendance has been ensured.


Focus 1: To ensure in 39 intervention villages 100% children are enrolled in pre-schools

  • Meeting with community, mother committee, Janch committee & Panchayati Raj Institutes on mobilising them for opening of 4 New ICDS centres as per Supreme Court Orders.
  • Continuation of 3 Preschool centres by the project as interim service in the villages where ICDS centre is not available.
  • Counselling of parents on importance of pre-school education in the Anganwadi centre.
  • Facilitating the people’s initiatives to submit demand to BEO and DEO for RTE fulfilment at the schools.
  • Joint workshop among standing committee, SMC, Teachers and education administrator on MLE policy implementation and MLE teacher posting.

Focus 2 : Children from 9 schools will be organised and their involvement in schools as well as in society will be ensured.

  • Parents counselling on the issue of education particular focus on enrolment and retention.
  • Training for School teachers on teaching methodology and CCA application for children.
  • Organizing children assembly at the school on talent search activities and their right.
  • Documentation of 270 children who have talents in singing, painting, drawing, storytelling, mono action and various play and sports.


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