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East Godavari District, A.P.
Thematic Intervention: Education, Protection

Project Context

The Society for Rural Agriculturists and Mass Awareness (SRAMA) was registered in the year 1999 by a group of individuals to promote Ambedkar’s Ideology and for upliftment of marginalized communities. Though it was registered in the year 1999 it was not actively followed up owing to the fact that there is neither financial support nor active contribution from the members. SRAMA initially started with organizing Yuvajana Sanghas in Alamuru Mandal in Moolasthanam, Baduguvani lanka, Chemudu lanka, Narsipudi, Alamuru and Pinappalla based on Ambedkar’s ideology. After the CRY programme started in 2010, SRAMA was able to take the message of child rights into communities well and achieved impressive results on many child rights indicators. The project holder Mr. Jillela Seshagiri Rao, took up leadership responsibility in SRAMA from 2005 onwards and guided the organization towards achieving its overall objectives. After the initiation of CRY programme in 2010, he played key role in perspective building among staff members and through them created widespread awareness on child rights issues in the operational area.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Improve enrolments of 3-6 years children in Anganwadis

* Project advocated for own buildings in 65 Anganwadi centers out of 76, as they were operating from rented and private spaces. As a result, buildings were constructed in 13 Anganwadis US $ 140 thousand.
* Provided uniforms, teaching aids and play materials to 8 identified ICDS Anganwadi centers for model building.

Reduce school dropout and child labor in project area.

* Ensured 339 out of 341 children from project target families passed 10th board exam as a result of special attention.
* Secured travel assistance from District Collector for 10 needy children from Nagulapeta village at the rate of US $ 1.5 per child per month.
* Secured to 125 girls studying in class 9th, bi-cycles from Andhra Pradesh govt. scheme to ensure better transition among girls from 8th to 9th.
* Assisted 1,069 in application process for Scholarship, from among them 86 have received the fellowships. Also, project assisted 220 children in getting Bus Pass for free travel to school.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Reduce instances of child marriages in the project area

* 134 girls in the age-group of 6-18 years are identified as, at risk of dropping out of school, considering frequency of migration in family, single-parent and elder siblings are taking care of infants.
* Stopped 3 child marriages during 2017.

Strengthen Child Collectives

* Formed 7 new Adolescent Girls’ Collectives in 7 villages.
* Regular meetings were conducted in all 37 child collectives with membership base of 814 children. In 17 mature children collectives, the meetings additionally focused on leadership trait building.
* Adolescent children participated in the counseling sessions and learnt about the issue of child marriage.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

* The advocacy engagement with all the Gram Panchayats resulted to 7 Gram Panchayats agreeing to pass resolution for formation of VLCPCs.
* Project assisted 750 applications for micro and small loans from SC, ST & BC Corporation. 28 among them have been processed and credit received.

Update on major advocacy meetings that the project may have organized /participated in:

3 schools prevented from closure through sustained mobilization of community organizations, school teachers & management committees, and aggressive advocacy engagement with political leaders and officials of the state education department.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized for the community groups:

An assessment of school dropout and child labor has been conducted, trying to identify seasonal trends, barriers to accessing schools, sectors of child labor engagement. Considering the findings, one project team’s capacity building was organized to re-jig the project execution.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduce school dropout and child labor in project area.

* Track and ensure transition of children from Pre-schooling Anganwadis to Lower Primary School to Upper Primary School, and subsequently to High School and Senior Secondary school.
* Conduct awareness programs / Kalajathas on child labor at community level, and sensitize CBOs and parents of children in child labor or dropped out of school of implications.
* Strengthen SMCs by ensuring regular meetings and parents regular participation in meetings.
* Advocacy with Education Dept for improvement of infrastructure facilities in schools and for appointing sufficient teachers and against closure of schools in the name of rationalization.
* Advocacy with Social Welfare Department for improvement of infrastructure facilities in hostels.
* Guide 10th & 12th standard failed children to appear for instant / supplementary exams.
* Demand for distribution of bicycles to 9th Standard girls as per G.O. M.S. No. 56 dated 23-07-2016.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduce instances of child marriages in the project area.

* Demand for formation of Child Protection Committees at Panchayat / Mandal level.
* Organize family visits along with stakeholders like ICDS Workers, ASHA, ANM, etc. to sensitize parents against child marriages. Create awareness in the community about girl-child focused welfare schemes and about protection mechanisms available against child marriages.
* Identify and assist families to apply for social security benefits from government, including special enabling schemes for girls.
* Assist girls from most needy families and girls from families where parents migrate seasonally to get into social welfare hostels.
* Conduct cultural performances to sensitize community on child marriages.
* Ensure convergence meetings between government departments for better coordination towards preventing the child marriages.
* Advocate for compulsory registration of marriages at Panchayat level.
* Organize Adolescent Girls Groups to develop self protection mechanism.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Strengthen Child Collectives

* Promote leadership development among children through capacity building trainings.
* Conduct training for child collective leaders on how to conduct the child collective meeting and write the meeting minutes.
* Encourage child collective members to discuss the issues of their schools in their child collective meetings and further discuss with teachers.
* Facilitate discussions between school-going and non-school-going children in order to make non-school-going children to rethink about going back to school.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

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