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Vatsalya was conceived in 1995 as a comprehensive growth promoting institution for abandoned and orphaned children. Being determined to improve the lives of children, the team realized that without intervening on issues that are responsible for placing children in problem situations, the goals of providing growth opportunities to all children could not be realized. Thus rather than focusing on children in isolation, it was decided that it would be more relevant to work for children by involving other stakeholders as well. Resultantly, Vatsalya broadened its mission and included focus on rural health as a primary component. The Project Holder, Dr. Hitesh Gupta has been a Faculty member of the Indian Institute of Health Management and has worked on community based public health management in Dhausa district of Rajasthan. The Contact Person, Ms. Jaimala Gupta (wife of Project Holder) also has experience as Faculty in the same Institute. Vatsalya works with a vision “to create a Child Friendly state wherein Rights of every child are protected and the responsibility of doing so is shared by all”.


Rajasthan is the largest state of India and accounts for nearly 5.5% of the total population of India. Only 1.04% of the total water resources of the country exist in Rajasthan where the desert contributes 60% of the total area. Agriculture and cattle rearing are the main occupations. The rainfall is highly insufficient to sustain agriculture. Livestock and milk production is high. The situation of health in the state is dismal. Rajasthan is performing below the national average on some important health indicators. Delivery of services has been of poor quality. The issues of access and equity have not been effectively tackled and the thrust of development remained on expansion rather than increasing efficiencies of the existing system. Non-involvement of communities in the implementation of public health programs has led to poor outcomes of interventions. Non-availability of funds for maintenance, untimely and inadequate supply of drugs and equipment and lack of responsiveness of health institutions to the public has also resulted in under utilization and wastage. Vatsalya aims to bring about positive change in the development sector primarily focusing attention on children in difficult circumstances and maternal health.


  • To work for rehabilitation of orphaned/ abandoned children by developing a comprehensive growth promoting institution.
  • To establish an institution for street children with a comprehensive growth promoting environment including health, education, recreation and residential facilities.
  • To provide street children with opportunities to excel in constructive developmental activities and to arrange for scholarships to support them in achieving higher goals.
  • To work for improving the health status of mothers and children, both in rural and urban areas.
  • To develop an interface with the Government health system, so as to utilize it to its full potential.
  • To conduct action researches in the health management field, so as to scientifically understand and highlight gaps in the present health delivery system.

Review and Impact

Vatsalya has been successful in increasing its interface with the Government, establishing alliance with influential stakeholders (Health Minister and Health Secretary) to build up a base for concerted intervention at the policy level to influence decisions on behalf of the larger community, by putting pressure from time to time on the government to correct the flaw in the health services. The organization is evolving in a positive manner, making committed interventions on children related issues and has become a much valued asset on the issue of child health.

Highlights in the review period include:
  • Research study on child survival and malnutrition completed and analyzed.
  • The results of the research were shared with partners across Rajasthan on the status of malnutrition.
  • Formats were developed for collection of information on adolescent health, Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR). Discussion on the content undertaken with all partners across the state in different regions.
  • Prepared concept paper about adolescence health, water, hygiene and sanitation and shared it with regional partner’s to understand the actual level of the situation.
  • Conducted two days state level sharing workshop on Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and the Dai issue at Udaipur.
  • Baseline survey initiated in Bharatpur, Jodhpur and Alwar after consultation with respective partners.


  • Study on the status of immunization of children across the state and present detailed analysis on regional child morbidity and mortality factors.
  • Study on the issue of malnutrition among 0 – 3 year old children. Conducting survey, data collection, reporting on deficiencies leading to poor growth of children.
  • Study on the status of adolescent girls to identify social constraints affecting health, morbidity and development of girl children.
  • Networking on the issue of development of health indicators across the state.


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