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Vikalp has it’s program ongoing in Surat & Tapi district of Gujarat. Organization initiated to ensure implementation of the law called Gujarat Panchyat Sudhar Abhiyan(PESA-Panchyat Extension in Schedule Area). From 1998-2002 he actively handled the issues related to NAREGA scheme, Panchayat Extension in Schedule Area. Organization objective is very clear towards mobilizing community and make them independent to fight for their rights and demand for work as per the government norms. Organization has community level strong Sangthan called “ Gramin Majdoor Union” and more than 1500 peoples are a part of this union. Organization used to work on child rights issues but not very focus way base on demand from community organization were working on issues like getting birth certificate, enrollment of children in schools, supporting for caste certificate etc. In year 2011 organization associated under CRY support program and directly started working in two districts four blocks from Surat Mandvi & Umarapada block & Tapi Nizar & Ucchal blocks, organization is directly working in four blocks 20 villages on issues related child rights. Education, Health & Malnutrition is major issues related child rights. The Project Holder, Mr Himanshu has extensive working experience on human rights issues.


Geographical situation and ignorance of the people has led to the lack of proper implementation of educational, health and other basic services. There is no regular monitoring by the senior official of the government, which encourages the benefits of the government programmers. The Sarpanch is the most powerful and mal-practices are carried on by them along with their well wishers. Even after several complaints by the villagers they do not get work under NREGA. Apart from this the schools midday meal programme, ICDS and PDS are not functioning properly. Women are neglected and are only limited to the family. Nominal health facilities are available in villages. There have been issues of Child Rights with respect to protection, development, survival and participation in the district. The cases of child labour & child marriage have been prevalent in the district. Child labour in the urban areas, lack of health and education services in the tribal area.

Program areas are organization work predominantly tribal belt surrounded by forest & sugar industries. Families & villages randomly migrated and from government they haven’t received proper compensation against their farming land. Due to poor economic condition of the people and lack of facilities, children are adversely affected. They are deprived of education and suffer from poor health and protection and many children start earning from an early age to add to the family’s income.People live in undulating locality and are deprived of basic amenities like proper roads, water supply & electricity etc. There is lack of health services in area but due to superstation among tribal community they avoid for taking medicine or immunizing children and most of time community believe on taking homemade medicine. Tribal children are highly malnourished, due to absence of government services child/infant deaths occur, people lack knowledge and are superstitious about availang health care and immunization facilities for their children. Extent of child labour is rampant.


  • Ensure all the children in 20 villages get birth & death registration certificate.
  • Ensure all children & pregnant women in 20 villages get 100% immunized in intervention area.
  • Activation of PHC & sub centre in the intervention area of 20 villages.
  • Ensure sensitization & activation of health service in intervention area.
  • Capacity building of team on understanding issues of child health & education.
  • To improve the accessibility & quality of education in government schools through advocacy efforts.
  • Listening children voices through Bal Sangthan.
  • Ensure children participation in block level committee.

Review and Impact

With CRY support to Vikalp since 2011, the team is shifting from a focus on larger human rights to a focus on child rights. Over the last few years, Vikalp has developed understanding on child rights and is striving to ensure it in the field for marginalized children. In last year it has addressed many issues of child rights and helped to ensure it. Due to efforts of Vikalp PHC started in operational area & PHC has converted into civil hospital & government has sanctioned schools & Anganwadi in operational areas, Team also tracking the malnutrition issues. Sickle cell among the tribal community is major issue but because of team efforts government has taking serious action by doing the blood check-up and tracking cases. Vikalp is very well establish organization working in Surat & Tapi district working on PESA & panchayati Raj, and all the staff of Vikalp has immense year of experience. This Trust is very well versed in working on Child right issues with the most marginalized population.

Some highlights:
  • Out of 162 children, total 157 children received birth certificates, 3 infant and 3 child deaths were reported
  • 100% immunization coverage ensured for 268 children, immunization calendar implemented for 21 new born children
  • 1 Primary Health Centre and 6 new ICDS centres activated
  • 9 SAM and 35 moderately malnourished children upgraded in terms of nutrition status
  • 100% eligible children (total 192) enrolled in schools
  • 17 children stop migrating and reenrolled in school , 5 child labourers re-enrolled in schools
  • 1 child marriage stopped
  • 33 families received housing facility under sardar Aawas yojana
  • 20 children groups formed with 327 members


  • Ensure 100% enrollment of children in 20 operational areas age of 6-14 years old & retain in school
  • 100 % re-enrollment of identified children migrated 140 (M 87 & F 53) migrated drop out children & continue children in schools
  • Improve the school infrastructure in 19 primary school and strengthening SMC under RTE
  • To ensure 100 % children & pregnant women free and quality health care services, to ensure 100% immunization of children & pregnant women (248)
  • To ensure 100% registration of old 52 children & new birth children
  • Activation of 4 PHC, Civil hospital & 5 sub centre in 20 operational areas
  • Ensure SAM 78( M 33 & F 45) & MAM 279 (M 139 & F 140) children removed from malnutrition situation in 20 operational area
  • To ensure children are free from child labour 31 children ( M 24 & F 7) in 20 operational area
  • Tracking the cases of child marriage in 20 operational area
  • Strengthening children groups in 20 operational area


  • Right to Development
  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation
  • Administration
  • Total Grant Approved