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Surat & Tapi district of Gujarat


Mr.Himanshu Banker born in a backward caste, completed his Bachelor of Law from Gujarat University and is practising in Ahmedabad High court which makes him strong legal background. Vikalp has its program ongoing in Surat & Tapi district of Gujarat. The organisation’s objective is towards mobilizing community and make them independent to fight for their rights and demand for work as per the government norms. Due to lack of access to services, high number of children are found undernourished with parents unaware of the malnutrition issues. Infant & child death cases also took place in the tribal belt. Vikalp works in 2 blocks of Tapi district i.e. Nizar and Uchchal and in 10 villages (5 each) with the population of 11,988, having total number 2493 families and total of 3170 children. There are insufficient ICDS centers and Health Care Centers compared to the number of children. There are some issues which are specific to the blocks; whereas there are some common issues across the district/ across these 2 blocks as far as ‘Right to Education’ and ‘Right to Nutrition’ is concerned.


The team with support from CRY is working towards the below goals

  • Ensure 90% enrolment of children in 10 operational areas for children between 6-14 years of age & retain them in school.
  • 90 % re-enrolment of identified migrated children i.e. 75 children (out of 151 children of migrant families) and retain them in school.
  • Improve the school infrastructure in Uchal and Nijjar, strengthening School Management Committee under Right to Education.
  • Tracking of undernourished children and linking them to Anganwadi centre in the operational areas.
  • 100% immunization of pregnant women and children between 0-5 year age.
  • To ensure reduction of malnutrition cases through activation of 5 ICDS centers in the operational areas.
  • Ensure 20 (M-11, F-9) SAM children and 189 (M-92, F-97) MAM children removed from malnutrition situation in the operational area.
  • Strengthening children’s group in the operational areas.

Achievements & Impact in the Review Period

Vikalp has worked on child rights with support from CRY and has been able to successfully bring out changes in the intervention areas. It has been successful in ensuring systems are in place such as ICDS centres, schools, School Management Committees and so on. At the same time, it has also been successful in bringing out changes in government officials’ attitude towards tribal children and changes in the harmful practices followed for tribal children. Some of the achievements last year are as follows:

  • Details of teachers’, principals’ and School Management Committee members’ attitude and approach documented in the approach paper. Issues if any with the approach of different stakeholders were discussed separately with - children’s group, teachers, parents and School Management Committee members and other children.
  • 99% children enrolled in school. New enrolment was ensured with the help ICDS workers, helpers and teachers.
  • 19 children in Uchal and 3 children in Nijjar were enrolled in school and were retained during migration of their family for work.

  • Meetings with school teachers and parents were undertaken to discuss specific issues of irregularity of school going children.
  • Efforts in terms of discussions with School Management Committee, parents, Sarpanch and resolution in Gramsabha helped in getting 4 classrooms constructed at Bortha School & drinking water facility has also been sanctioned.
  • 63 children in Tapi were regularized with the help of parents, children’s’ group and teachers.
  • 6 School Management Committees are activated (4 in Uchal and 2 in Nizar). Meetings were held with School Management Committees (SMC) members to create awareness among them.
  • Immunization was ensured with the help of ICDS workers and by tracking each family and child by the team.


[1] Malnutrition

Focus 1: Ensure 80% of newborn children are given first milk of the mother and are exclusively breast fed; they are ensured supplementary nutrition and immunisation.

  • Tracking of pregnant women and new births in the community.
  • Home visits to pregnant women twice in a month (6 visits quarterly) for creating awareness.
  • Community meetings to create awareness on the importance of first milk of the mother for newborn children.
  • Food diary to be maintained for all 220+ newborn children on weekly basis by community workers.
  • Community meetings for awareness on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the children.
  • Linking children with ICDS center for their regular health check-up, immunization and referral service.
  • Tracking of all 90 + newly pregnant & lactating mothers.

Focus 2 : Ensure 50% of adolescent girls are getting balanced diet and are going through regular health check-ups.

  • Tracking of all 70 adolescent girls
  • Home visits to all adolescent girls twice in a month (6 visits quarterly)
  • Food diary maintained for all adolescent girls
  • Community meetings for creating awareness on the importance of balanced & nutritious diet.
  • Linking these girls with ICDS services and ensuring that they receive supplementary nutrition & health education.
  • Community meetings for creating awareness on 'Sickle cell'(blood disorder).
  • Health check up through Public Health Center to check sickle cell anaemia.

[2] Education

Focus 1: 20 % of School Management Committee (SMC) members are active and raising issues of the children related to education.

  • Prepare updated list of School Management Committee (SMC) members of all 10 schools and identify 2/3 active members in each School Management Committee (SMC).
  • Training of School Management Committee (SMC) members , empower and encourage them to raise children's issue and make a resolution in SMC meetings for solutions to overcome these issues by connecting them with children group and providing the information of children issues through meetings and village visits.
  • Constant support and encouragement to SMC members for making application, complaints and resolution of children’s' issues for ensuring retention of children & reducing drop outs.


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