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Wide Angle (Social Development Organization) Manipur was registered in 1984 by a group of dynamic Manipuri Youths. The organization started working with a vision for creating productive youths by collectively enhancing health, Human Rights and Gender justice. It worked in collaboration with Youth clubs, student’s union and like minded NGOs. It became a partner of the Manipur AIDS Control Society (1998), Manipur State Council for Child Welfare (2003) and Indian Network of NGOs in HIV/AIDS (2003). Wide Angle is a strategic partner in the North Eastern Region. The organization started working with a vision for creating productive youths by collectively enhancing health, Human Rights and gender equality. It worked in collaboration with Youth clubs, student’s union and like minded NGOs. This is an effective initiative in Manipur addressing issues of children infected / affected by HIV/AIDS thereby taking up the issue of child rights in the State.


Manipur has highest-HIV infection rate in India. Domestic violence, armed conflicts, unstable law and order situation, displacement and migration, abject poverty and unemployment are prominent regional issues of the area. As per sentinel surveillance reports last year, the rate of HIV infection among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics is 2.04. It means that out of every 100 women attending antenatal clinics, two are HIV infected. The children born to them have a 30% chance of infection. The acute poverty, ethnic violence, urban rural migration and HIV/AIDS epidemic has led to many Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDC) in Manipur. The ethnic violence which rocked the State from early 1991 to 1995 led to huge migration to the valley and particularly in Imphal, where there are large number of children who are in need of special care and support. There are around 3140 street and working children in Imphal (Base line survey report – Manipur State AIDS control Society). Now a new generation of hundreds of orphans children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS has come in Manipur. 183 children in the operational area are HIV positive, out of 112 identified families; this number is higher than the population of women and male. Accessibility to education is low and School Drop out rate is high. In this context, Wide Angle envisages to the creation of productive youths through righteous reasons, inspired thoughts and responds to Justice. The organization works without discrimination against religion, creed, race, gender or language and works in collaboration with Youth clubs, student’s union and like minded NGOs and by building alliances with other groups through non-violence under a democratic framework.


  • To improve socio-economic conditions of the poor and marginalized people in the State.
  • To propagate peaceful co-existence in the society.
  • Contribution to the peace settlement within the region.
  • To develop appropriate model of health care and youth and child friendly services.
  • To improve health care for marginalized women and children .
  • To develop strategies and policies to minimize the impact of globalization.
  • To strengthen advocacy towards enhancement of public health, reduce detrimental effect of development works and improve economic conditions and sense of peaceful co-existence.

Review and Impact

The organization has done technical and specific intervention with the infected and affected children, women and community since 2005. Direct intervention with HIV/ AIDS infected and affected community is very necessary along with the mobilization to the broader society on broader issues. Wide Angle is the only partner in Manipur which is working on the issue. Eventually they are shifting their broad base from municipal area to rural areas of Imphal west. Since the inception of the project, a lot of efforts have gone to build awareness and identification of beneficiaries. The project has successfully been able to bring the affected families together. The organization is addressing the issue of Ante natal transmission of HIV using the clinical and the awareness building strategies. The approach is to minimize the harm and reduce the rate of HIV transmission, till the time Government owns its responsibility.

Currently, Wide Angle is however focusing on advocacy with the Government only on Education and Health issues of HIV/AIDS affected children. The major program areas include - direct intervention for the HIV/ AIDS infected and affected community, policy advocacy with the system on the issue of HIV / AIDS and to build up a peoples’ movement for restoration of child rights and gender justice. Wide Angle has worked on the issue of mass mobilization and capacity building with the target population in order to build the confidence and also it has mobilized the broader community to get the solidarity support for the marginalized community (HIV/ AIDS affected and infected population).

  • 280 children were referred to health care centres and received benefits for health and nutrition support.
  • Free OPD, medicine support, Counseling & advice was given to 192 children.
  • Solidarity support from the general population for the cause of HIV infected/affected – more than 150 children participated in the campaign.
  • Advocacy efforts of Wide Angle resulted in mainstreaming of 80% HIV/AIDS affected children in school. Out of these children 70% children are in the private school and 30% children are in the government school.


  • To strengthen and build up capacity of Mutual Support Group collective for building Peoples movement.
  • Organising interface activity among the government and infected-affected community.
  • Strengthening the network and alliances of the HIV/ AIDS infected and affected community.
  • Direct intervention with the HIV/ AIDS infected and affected community.
  • Regular health check up at Leishamba Health Clinic to minimize OI (opportunistic infection) and proper monitoring of HIV+ clients who are on A.R.T. (Anti retroviral therapy).
  • Liasoning and direct interface with the government functionaries for mobilizing the resources and services for HIV/AIDS infected and affected families.


  • Right to Development
  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation
  • Administration
  • Total Annual Grant Approved