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13 Villages of Senapati and Tamenlong districts of Manipur


Wide Angle (Social Development Organization) Manipur was registered in 1984 by a group of dynamic Manipuri Youth. The organization started working with a vision for creating productive youth by collectively enhancing health, human rights and gender justice. It worked in collaboration with youth clubs, student’s union and likeminded NGOs. It became a partner of the Manipur AIDS Control Society (1998), Manipur State Council for Child Welfare (2003) and Indian Network of NGOs in HIV/AIDS (2003). This is an effective initiative by the team to address issues of children infected / affected by HIV/AIDS thereby taking up the issue of child rights in the State.


Manipur State is highly alert in terms of internal & ethnic conflict, armed conflict and political violence. The latest report circulated by the Government claims Manipur is highest in IED in the year 2014-15. Guwahati High court and Supreme court also instructed the State Government on prevention of child trafficking. Since 2012 the team has been involved in more than 200 child trafficking rescue operations. It has been observed that majority of the children are from hill districts of Senapati, Ukhrul, Chandel, Tamenlong and from valley districts Bishnupur and Imphal West districts.

Wide Angle has been working in 13 villages of Senapati and Tamenlong districts of Manipur, both falling in the hill region of the state. The risk to children’s health is alarming. There is now a whole generation of hundreds of orphan children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the state. In terms of education in Manipur, a large number of private schools dominate the education system of the state which attracts the biggest share of children, followed by public schools. A small percentage is actually out of school. Among the enrolled children, only 56.8% are found to be regular.

Perhaps the most alarming threat to children’s rights is in terms of their protection – there is a very large incidence of child sexual abuse and child trafficking. Because of abject poverty and lack of regular livelihood options for their parents, children are often found to be engaged in hazardous activities like drug peddling or getting drawn into conflict. Children in the age group of 12-18 years are more vulnerable to sexual abuse, substance abuse, trafficking and child labor since this age group has the highest number of school dropout in these villages.


  • To track and create a database for cases of child sexual abuse, child trafficking, early marriage, child labor and children with substance abuse in 13 operational villages of Senapati and Tamenlong districts.
  • To create awareness amongst the women, adolescent groups, parents and village authority on child rights specifically protection issues and the mechanisms to address these issues.
  • To prevent incidences of child sexual abuse, child substance abuse, child trafficking from the operational area by creating a platform for collective sharing & dissemination of information.
  • Tracking of implementing institutions - education, health, ICDS and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) at village, block and district level.

Achievements & Impact in the Review Period

  • Health services have been mapped in 13 operational villages which include immunization, pre and post natal care, referral services, institutional delivery, health camps, Village Health and Nutrition Day are being provided in the operational area.
  • 49 children in 10 villages between 0-9 months are being monitored for immunization.
  • 9 dropout children have been re-enrolled in schools.
  • Status study of 15 ICDS centres, 3 sub-(Public Health Centers) PHCs and 1 PHC (Public Health Centers) has been completed.
  • 2 cases of corporal punishment in residential schools have been dealt with successfully and action has been taken to prevent such cases.
  • 3 children’s groups and 2 adolescent groups formed where children meet on regular basis.

  • 16 children who have dropped out from school were identified.
  • 2 sensitization programs with police departments on child trafficking conducted.
  • 7 child labors identified and process of mainstreaming them into public school initiated.
  • 2 cases of (Child Sexual Abuse) CSA have also been identified; these children are now being involved in children’s groups and being provided proper counselling.
  • 2 adolescent groups formed in 2 villages with 20 members are active in these two groups.
  • More than 542 children reached with activities like sports, art and painting, cultural events of songs, dance and plays


Wide Angle has been efficiently intervening in the critical districts of Manipur state since 2005. It has substantial experience in working with a holistic and rights based approach on child rights issues and has intervened in new operational areas on the issues of Protection.

[1] Protection:

Focus 1: Reducing child labor from all operational villages

  • Identifying vulnerable children through community level child tracking process, sensitising their parents and community at large against child labor.
  • Formation of children’s collectives in 6 villages and promoting child-to-child tracking and different activities to develop peer group interactions.
  • Strengthen school monitoring process, involving local women and youth, to ensure retention of all enrolled children.

Focus 2: Implement programs to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse cases

  • Identification of vulnerable children and families from within the project villages and implementing a planned sensitisation on protection issues.

  • Knowledge building on different facets of child sexual abuse among adolescent girls and women.
  • Support sessions for preschool education in 2 ICDS centres.
  • Advocacy with the local police on issues related to tackling child sexual abuse, knowledge and skill building on how to address the issue.

Focus 3: Implement programs to prevent and respond to child trafficking cases

  • Mapping children who are out of the village - comprehensive list prepared with the intention of documenting migration.
  • Preventing child trafficking across 6 villages - sensitisation of mothers /parents, formation of adolescent groups and children’s collectives and strengthening peer group interactions to track vulnerability.
  • Knowledge and skill building of project team on how to address child trafficking cases, on the functioning of the Juvenile Justice (JJ) system, roles of CWC’s and JJB’s and the ICPS structure.
  • Strengthening interfaces within the JJ system, CWC’s, JJB’s, Education system.

Focus 4: Fully functional JJ systems , with specific reference to CWCs, SJPU, DCPUs in 2 operational districts


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