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13 Villages of Senapati and Tamenlong districts of Manipur, India
Thematic Intervention: Protection (child labor, child marriage, child trafficking, child sexual abuse, Juvenile Justice System)


Wide Angle as an organisation was registered in 1984 by a group of young dynamic individuals, but actually became functional only in 1997. Mr. Montu Ahanthem, the Project Holder started working fulltime with WIDE ANGLE, working on youth mobilization, the issue of HIV/AIDS, child rights, advocacy at State and national level on the issue of repealing AFSPA 1958, etc. At present he is a central committee member of MACR (Manipur Alliance of child rights), and of the Manipur AIDS NGO network. He is also a member of united NGO Mission of Manipur. In the year 2005, organization started working on the issue of child rights, broad- basing its activities for ensuring rights of the children who are infected and affected by HIV & AIDS. Over the years with its expertise, Wide Angle has brought significant changes in the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS. Now it has decided to focus on child protection issue, particularly on system activation at grassroot level and advocacy.

Key Issues Addressed:

As the children’s right to protection issues are appearing to be emergent in Manipur, JJ Act becomes crucial tool in dealing with the situation. During the period of last year, 22 cases of child trafficking has been handled, two cases of child sexual abuse(CSA) has been registered, no cases of child labor has been registered, total 54 cases has been registered under CWC (Child Welfare Committee), it is very low in comparison to other valley districts of Manipur. Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) is running with only two members and is not functional in proper manner to take up the cases. There is no observation home in Senapati, all the cases used to be referred to Imphal district. There is one women police station in district head quarter and State Juvenile Protection Unit (SJPU) has been designated in 8 police station of district and they are also not aware with the norms and provisions of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS), Juvenile Justice (JJ) rule and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) rule. Women police station lacks adequate infrastructure for mobility and fact finding of the cases. There is requirement for sensitization and awareness at district level among government stakeholders to understand the provisions under the laws and the role defined in the legislation for the service providers. There is need to sensitize the civil society organisation at district level to understand the provisions and the role of the functionaries for dealing with the situation of protection failure at community level.


  • Sensitizing authorities towards full bench of CWC (Child Welfare Committee) at district level through proactive involvement of state representatives.
  • Sensitizing stakeholders towards registration of unregistered children’s home at district level through proper orientation and proactive engagement with the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) and social welfare department.
  • Ensuring full fledged office of District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) and stationed at Senapati district for attending and addressal of all the registered child protection failure cases.
  • Awareness and sensitization to the civil society organisation and Government stakeholders on Juvenile Justice Act 2015, POCSO act and ICPS (Integrated Child Protection Scheme) guideline.

Achievements & Impact in the Review Period

As far as the strategy of the Manipur is concerned, it is the medium critical state and the three districts (Chandel, Senapati and Tamenlong)have been identified as critical in protection issues, therefore the state strategy has focussed on protection issues and programme approach as per the medium critical State. All the existing initiatives in the State are at different stages and plans of action & all initiatives are addressed towards achieving the common goal at State level. The major focus of the intervention has been on system activation at district level, leveraging the working experiences from the grassroots about the gravity and the status of the implementation of CLPRA(Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation Act)(Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation Act), JJ act, POCSO etc. Few of the achievement are as follows:

  • Meeting was held with the village authority in regard to formation of VLCPC (Village Level Child Protection Committee), where detailed discussion took place on the purpose and importance of the VLCPC with the composition of committee members, role and functions of the VLCPC members, copy of guideline have also been circulated among the members for better understanding and in the second meeting committee has been formed.
  • Visited the children’s home- Interaction session to meet the chief of the organisation to understand the functioning of the home. Information has been collected about the total strength of the children, funding status of the home and any government support to the children’s home.
  • Meeting with the mother’s group has been done where discussion was held in relation to the education system and the RTE(Right to Education) status in the village school.
  • Meeting with the Kuki Students' Organisation (KSO) President and finance secretary of the organisation was done & there was a detailed discussion on child right issues and the role of KSO in this regard. Focus points of discussion was Right to Education (RTE), Child Trafficking, child labor issues in the districts.
  • Capacity building on JJ act has been done for the project staffs by the CWC (Child Welfare Committee) chairperson of the Imphal East.


The highlights of the plans are as follows:

Enhanced implementation of policies and laws pertaining to child trafficking, child unsafe migration, child sexual abuse in Senapati and Tamenlong district of Manipur.

  • To ensure active participation of the stakeholders in 20 villages for the formation of Village Level Child Protection Committee (VLCPC).
  • Ensure mobilized Civil Society Organization on child protection issues at district level.
  • Setting of full bench of CWC (Child Welfare Committee) and full team of District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) at district level.
  • Children home administrator mobilised for registration of children home under Juvenile Justice (JJ) act.
  • Joint collaboration established in between the all the district level, government. level, village level child protection committee on the issue of protecting children from failure of child protection.
  • Formation and strengthening district level network of State Alliance (MACR).


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