Please do read our terms and conditions before placing your CRY America products order.

The sale of CRY America Products are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • The prices displayed are per unit, i.e, per card or item.
  • All cards are available “blank” or with “season’s greetings written inside. Please specify whether you would like your order to comprise of the blank or seasons greeting variety.
  • Courier charges will be additional to the cost of cards and to be paid at the time of making your payment for the products order. The postage charge is calculated at $1 per pack of cards.
  • CRY America cards and other products are for sale and delivery only within the USA.
  • The entire order will be shipped to one location as specified by you. We will not ship different items in a single order to different shipping addresses.
  • Orders placed will be delivered within a maximum of 14 working days from the time of receiving the order and payment.
  • If you have received a damaged or incorrect item, or if you believe that part of your order is missing, please send us an email to support@cryamerica.org. In your message indicate your name, address, telephone numbers and provide as much detail as possible about the situation.
  • CRY America will replace items damaged in transit [from the CRY America office/ warehouse to your delivery address] assuming a comparable replacement is available, or provide you with a full refund, including courier costs. Similarly, if you should receive a product other than the one you ordered, the correct product will be sent to you at no additional charge or a full refund (including shipping costs). Please note that the damaged product(s) or incorrect item will have to be returned to us before the replacement order is processed.
  • Any item that might be missing from your order will be shipped as soon as possible at no additional charge to you.
  • You may cancel or change your order within 24 hours from the date of placing the order. However, once you have placed the order and your payment is realized, the order is promptly processed and dispatched to you. Therefore, it is generally not possible to cancel or modify an order once it has been dispatched. However, if your order has not yet been dispatched and you need to cancel or modify it, please immediately contact us at support@cryamerica.org and we will determine if it will be possible to halt the fulfillment of the order. Please do indicate the details of your order along with your personal contact information.
  • Please note that the payment received in relation to product sales are not eligible for tax exemption as per 501c3 non profit rules in the USA. However if you would like to donate towards CRY America’s efforts, your contribution will be eligible for tax exemption as CRY America is a 501c3 registered organization.

CRY America reserves all rights to modify price and postage rates, change designs, service and/ or discontinue any product at its discretion. CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA.

For any further assistance, email Product Manager at support@cryamerica.org or write to: P.O. Box 850948, Braintree, MA 02185-0948.

Thank You.

CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA. CRY America is a 501c3 registered organization and all donations to CRY
America are tax-deductible. CRY America, PO. Box 850948, Braintree, MA 02185-0948. Tel. 339-235-0792 and 617-959-1273.
Email: support@cryamerica.org
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